"Population" the reservoir is quite diverse. Here the usual bream, crucian carp, roach, perch, pike, catfish, carp, silver carp. Especially for the fishermen made a platform for access to water - laying. To comfortably cook and eat prey caught, you can rent a summerhouse. If you do not have time to choose a boat and gear for fishing in ProProkat.by directory, all the necessary equipment can be rented on site.

Popular attractions reservoir - Dubrovsky oak, which is an iconic object for experienced anglers and beginners in the fishing industry. Regarding the "professionals" oak make reference to the depths, and is a reference point on which beginners explain what, where and how to catch the bait.

If you want to quickly escape from the hot asphalt on the soft grass and the warm sand, Dubrovsky Reservoir - a great option for a quick trip to the water after the day's work.


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